Who We Are

Hana Alliance, LLC is a committed group to the advance of TV and Audio industry in its various forms. Our site is dedicated to information dissemination on the technological changes and movements that brought forth changes in the medium of what is now known as Television as well as innovations that has shaped and reshaped how we perceived sound as a medium of information. Television and Radio or and type of sound media is just a medium. It is an agency or means to transfer and transcribe ideas into concrete words and visuals. But it is a powerful force that has changed and determined the course of events throughout history. Our site wants to cover everything that this form of medium has done. It wants to focus on the various innovative technologies that are changing the way we see television and audio, the movement and forms of though behind media communication, the various industries that are achieve in its use such as journalism, Public Relations, Advertising and Media Corporations. It also wants to focus on how the ordinary everyday user can use this powerful to influence.

Our Founder:

Jason FordhamJason Fordham is an entrepreneur and enthusiasts of media technology. He graduated in Media Studies from College and has worked with various news networks and printed media. He has various interests in broadcast and cable production, media markets as well as Internet and FM Radio and sound technology. He has several investments in local broadcast companies in his home state of Washington. He also has taught in several universities and is part-time faculty of Media Studies in the university where he graduated. He adheres to the notion of a popular journalist that believes in the power of media to promote peace. Hanaalliance.org wants your participation and contribution. You can contact us here or visit us at 21540 30th Dr SE, Bothell, WA 98021. We want you to know that we answer inquiries personally and hope for your patience.